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Discover the Best Beaches in Miami

Miami is the top beach destination in the US. Tourists travel from all around the world to experience the world-class beaches found in Miami. Miami’s beaches are known for their incredible scenery, pristine condition, and lifestyle atmosphere surrounding them. Some of the top beaches in Miami to check out are: South Beach Miami Beach LummusContinue reading “Discover the Best Beaches in Miami”

Visiting the US Open Tennis Tournament

Every year one of tennis’ Grand Slam tournaments is held in New York, letting visitors experience top-notch playing at a variety of price points. The US Open is as cosmopolitan as its host city. With no uniform restrictions, players are free to express themselves through fashion. Because the courts are all lighted, the evening matchesContinue reading “Visiting the US Open Tennis Tournament”


Denver Oktoberfest

Ever since Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig got married, Oktoberfest has been an excuse to celebrate in autumn. For six days in September, Larimer Street in downtown Denver brings the flavor of Germany with the annual Denver Oktoberfest. This more modernized version of the Bavarian shindig still retains elements of every Oktoberfest: beer, food and music.Continue reading “Denver Oktoberfest”


Following the journey of civil rights in Atlanta

Atlanta has been called the cradle of the civil rights movement for being home to so many of its leaders and organizations. The city’s symbol is the phoenix, and just as the mythical bird renews and perseveres, Atlanta similarly evolves and continues to grow over time.


Alternatives to Chicago’s best (and busiest) attractions

Autumn in Chicago is perfect with the sunlight glistening on the Chicago River and cool breezes coming across Lake Michigan. It’s when crowds flock to Navy Pier, rooftop bars and the many architectural boat tours. Instead of fighting the crowds, avoid them completely with a twist on the best activities Chicago has to offer.

Dallas, TX

Go big or go small in Dallas

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, so it might seem that to do Dallas the right way you have to go big. But there are plenty of small adventure alternatives to some of the most notable Dallas attractions.

Denver, CO

The different museums of Denver

While not necessarily recognized for its history, Denver is a city filled with museums that set it apart. The vast number of Denver art museums usually get all of the attention, but many other lesser known options are just as interesting and not something you can find anywhere else.

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