Visiting the US Open Tennis Tournament

Every year one of tennis’ Grand Slam tournaments is held in New York, letting visitors experience top-notch playing at a variety of price points.

The US Open is as cosmopolitan as its host city. With no uniform restrictions, players are free to express themselves through fashion. Because the courts are all lighted, the evening matches can sometimes take on a celebratory atmosphere. And of course culinary dining at the Grandstand Food Village goes beyond basic festival fare.

The tournament is held at the Flushing Meadow Corona Park in Queens, New York. It’s an easy trip from anywhere surrounding New York City by subway, which will deposit you right in front of the stadium. It can take up to 30 minutes to get through security, so plan ahead and don’t bring any large items like a backpack.

The US Open is held over two weeks. The main championship events are the biggest draw, but there are also plenty of junior, senior and wheelchair tournaments.

The best part of the US Open is being able to view players among a wide variety of rankings. While you may not be able to get tickets to see players ranked in the top five, there are plenty of other competitive matches on the facility’s 22 courts. There’s an excellent chance you’ll see a rising athlete compete.

What to know about tickets:

One of the most confusing things about attending revolves around ticket options.

There are two types of admission tickets: reserved and grounds (or general) admission. The reserved tickets can be purchased for any one of the three stadiums. They’re available for either a day session or evening session. The day session usually lasts until 6pm and allows ticket holders to watch specific matches during daylight hours with a reserved seat. The evening session allows entry at 6 p.m. with reserved seats for one of the two lighted stadiums. With a reserved ticket you can also sit in the general seating areas for any other court.

With grounds admission seats you can sit in any unreserved section on a first come, first served basis. Seating is available for every court except the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Ticket prices increase the closer you get to final rounds. Going early in the tournament may not always be as exciting, but it’s an opportunity to see top ranked players up close.

Where to stay

Staying anywhere near a subway line is ideal for getting to and from the US Open. But these options will get you there faster and require less thought if you’re returning in the wee hours of the morning.

Grand Hyatt New York is close to the 7 line, which drops off right in front of Arthur Ashe Stadium

By staying in Midtown Manhattan near Grand Central Station you can enjoy plenty of entertainment and restaurants as part of your US Open trip. The Grand Hyatt New York and Hotel Club Quarters are two popular spots that fit the bill.

Some hotels, like the Marco LaGuardia in Flushing, even provide shuttle service to and from the US Open. Call ahead to verify availability.

The 2021 tournament will be held August 30 through September 12.

Let’s go the the US Open in New York!

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